We were…

We were kids

We only cried when we didn’t get the blue Popsicle because blue was the best

And our moms couldn’t take us out in public because she was embarrassed by the dirt on our face

We had no idea what we wanted to be but that’s ok because we had all the time in the world

And our moms tucked us in at night to let us know we were safe

But even when she left we wished she had never gone

We were teens 

And now we cry over movies and funerals

And when a boy or a girl rips the heart strings from our chest

And our moms buy us medicine because she is too embarrassed by the acne on our faces and the scars on our hearts

We still don’t know what we want to be but we have to hurry because we only have a few years left

And our moms rarely tuck us in at night so we don’t feel safe

And you wonder where has the time gone

We were adults

And now we don’t cry over anything anymore

Because there are no tears left

And our moms are too embarrassed because we wanted to be an artist or a writer

But writers don’t make much money so we have to be someone we don’t like

We only get phone calls from our moms on holidays and you never feel quite as safe as you ever did when she tucked you in

And all the while you wish you were gone

We are dead

And there is no more pain

And we don’t cry

No one is embarrassed to have known the dead

We no longer have to be anything

We are tucked into a box for the last time

And now everyone else cries because we are gone

2 thoughts on “We were…

  1. Haha reminds me of this one scene from a show, where the boy basically suppresses his feelings for this girl because it might hamper their friendship, and he’s weeping. In the end he tells his friend, I’ll be a man now, without any emotion whatsoever. I really like this poem!!

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  2. Maybe it’s the time because it’s 5:40am here but the “you never feel quite as safe as you ever did when she tucked you in” cut me deep. I am supposedly an adult but I would still quite happily climb into bed with my mum if given the chance and have done so before. My mum the only person in the world who can make me feel safe and strong enough at the same time to fight my own battles. I really love your writing.

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